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“I met her when she was doing her Master’s. She played as a violinist in my classes and then she was first violin, a magnificent leader and teacher with other students. She participated in my summer program of orchestral conducting in Maine for three years and she learned that conducting was an act of service towards others and towards causes much greater and important than ourselves”

Kenneth Kiesler, Orchestra Conductor and conducting professor from the University of Michigan.


“We worked together in summer. She was very talented, with a great ear and first class musical tastes. She impressed everyone with a piece of Madame Butterfly that requires a technique of a high caliber for any conductor.”

Hugh Wolff, President of Directors of Orchestras Department in Boston Conservatory.


“Alejandra Urrutia’s baton has skil”
Mario Córdova, Las Últimas Noticias newspaper
15 March 2017, Chile



“Alejandra Urrutia isn’t only the first Chilean woman who stands out in conducting profesional orchestras: she is quite simply one of the best conductors of this country, just as her recent concerts in Santiago have demonstrated….
The Symphony orchestra of Chile is a malleable orchestra, it’s sensitive to the precision of the baton that guides them. For this reason, it’s doubly remarkable what Alejandra Urrutia has achieved with the principal piece of the program: The symphony “From the New World” by Dvorák.



The conductor dared to risk an intense version, full of newness in ´timing´ and dynamics; and the fact that she did it with a piece so well known, produced an even greater emotional impacto in their first encounter. And this was also how the public felt it, judging by their endless ovations. “

Felipe Elgueta, El Sur newspaper
21 May 2016, Concepción, Chile



“Transfigured Night” by Schoenberg… the play is a continuum of permanent fluctuations of character and tempo, a complex performance that in the hands of Alejandra Urrutia flowed naturally with subliminal moments (the feminine touch?) achieving a very beautiful version. An attractive concert with two leading women.”
Jaime Donoso, Diario El Mercurio
15 de mayo 2016, Santiago, Chile