Claudia Lepe

"Admirable" Dido and Aeneas

Claudia Lepe stood out with her Sorceress, who has achieved to homogenize

her vocal material and who knew how to deploy the dark force of her character. "

Juan Antonio Muñoz, El Mercurio, October 19, 2014


"A Rigoletto of tragic force and modern theatricality prevails in the Municipal of Santiago

...same case of Claudia Lepe, the Chilean contralto in charge of Giovanna,

skillful and dedicated guardian of Gilda. Lepe imposes with plenty of resources for the role,

which is appreciated as it gives good uniformity, in terms of quality, to the entire cast."

 Toda la Cultura

July 18, 2017

I had the fortune to meet and work with contralto Claudia Lepe in many instances, we were colleagues in the Chamber Choir of the Alberto Hurtado University and we shared the stage in operatic productions such as Madame Butterfly (Teatro de las Condes) and Dido and Aeneas (Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center). In those occasions I could see her tremendous vocal abilities, her dark, powerful and at the same time sweet tone; this combined with an exquisite musicality that makes her performance an elegant and credible act, and an exceptional human quality, characteristics that make her an ideal person at the moment of standing on the stage and conquering the audience with her artistic, musical, vocal and personal virtues.

Filomena Segovia Guzmán

Vocal Instructor

Frutillar Lake Theater, 2018


...I worked with her in the role of Zia Principessa in Puccini's opera "Suor Angelica". An excellent work of magnificent interpretation - vocal and theatrical quality. I hope her career reaches a very high level due to her dedication to the lyrical art.

 Graciela Araya

Mezzosoprano, 2019