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What does it mean to compose? 

English talks about component parts. More scientific? Latin says it is about putting together. Together...yes, very latin. Old French tells us to compose is ´to place´. Something mystical, sacred. 

It is an extraordinary calling to be a composer. One is summoned to find the parts of story, an experience, a landscape or a peoples and is compelled to uncover the puzzle of how they fit together.  Then she must place the notes in a way that when they come together, the musician can catch the secret from the scratchings on the partitura, borrow them for a moment in time and share them with an audience who must be willing to journey. The composer without the musician is only half lived. And he must develop a detachment to his work and a trust for the musicians, for Life itself if he is to be free. The great composers are magicians who offer us a magic carpet ride where we are ferried away to some other time and place, where we are moved, shaken, made sublime and changed forever. 


That is a mighty expectation of one simple, humble human, don´t you think?  

Friday Night with Fanjul&Ward brings you up close and very personal with these creative genius´ and invites you to enter the intimacy of their relationship to Life and the world through the art of musical composition. 



French-Chilean composer, he was born in Santiago de Chile.

After studying classical guitar with Alberto Ponce, he went on to study composition, as well as mathematics at university level. He was first exposed to 20th century music, before exploring romantic, classical and baroque music, so there is no sense of chronological progression in his studies: "His experience differs from that of many of his colleagues. His unorthodox path gives his music a clearly personal strength (Tristan Murail)".

After receiving awards from the Aram Khatchaturian Foundation, the Boucourechliev Foundation and UNESCO, he was selected to join the Ircam Composition and Computer Music Course in 1996. After these experiences, his meeting with Luca Francesconi was essential for his creative development. "From the first glance at his scores I noticed the impulse and fire of a real composer. His musical material is full of life and ideas, burning with great intensity. His peculiar taste for sound is like looking for poetry in matter: in a certain way he listens to what I would call the expressiveness of matter (Luca Francesconi) ".

His music has been widely performed in places like the Venice Biennale, the Paris Philharmonic, Salle Pleyel, La Fenice Theatre, the Cité de la Musique, the Enescu Festival in Bucharest... by ensembles and orchestras such as the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Orchestra of France, the Théâtre de la Fenice Orchestra, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Ile de France National Orchestra, the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Strasbourg Percussions.

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Friday, August 21st at 8.00 p.m. (Chilean Time)


Marco Pérez-Ramirez, Composer (France/Chile)


Marco was born in Chile and his parents dedicated to science left for France in 1974 when Marco was 8 years old. He attended primary and secondary school in Montpellier and today he considers himself a French-Chilean.


He has composed for major orchestras and ensembles in Europe and has never been performed in his home country, which he visits annually.


So what do the roots mean? How do you inhabit them? What is the house or the land from which you compose? What are your sources of inspiration?