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Gran Concierto por la Hermandad

Tuesday 7 January at 20 hrs.

Mapocho Station Cultural Center

Oh believe, my heart, believe:
Nothing will get lost!
What you have longed for is yours!
Yours, what you have loved, what you have strived for!
Oh believe: you were not born in vain!
You have not lived, suffered to no avail!
What has come into being must go!
What is gone must rise again!

—Gustav Mahler

Music is perhaps the one universal thing that can dissolve boundaries and borders;  Music touches hearts; No matter our nationality, the color of our eyes, our religion or race, music makes us realize that we all feel similar hurts, we all share the same range of emotions and each and every one of us longs for love, peace and happiness.  



Fanjul & Ward
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