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In the Winter Concerts in the Palace Las Majadas de Pirque we have proposed the following to be an unforgettable experience and thus capture new audiences and for this we have done the following:


  •  We have curated these winter concerts with a group of artists of excellence, who have come together to be part of the experience and we have also made sure to showcase new talents in classical music.


  • FanjulWard artists have also been part of this proposal.


  • Innovation in programming, uniting in addition to classical music different disciplines such as literature, performance, composition and architecture.


  • Education in experience, where our educational proposal has been to use neuroscience and make music pass through the body and the senses and this is a great achievement of Egidio Contreras.


  • Trust and collaboration have been key virtues in the joint work with the team of Las Majadas.

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